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We are proud to be able to offer our unique coaching packages. They are individually designed to address your specific needs and delivered in bursts of intensive sessions.

Apart from regular lessons, master classes and workshops are another way of improving one’s skills in playing a musical instrument. However, inexperienced or less confident performers may find the process of working on pieces in the presence of other participants and the audience stressful and difficult. Though participation fees may be substantial, master classes and workshops cannot focus on individual problems, suit one’s repertoire or provide the flexibility to decide when to attend and for how long.

Our one to one coaching resolves all these problems:

1.  It is designed around your needs and requirements

Coaching concentrates entirely on you as a musician and a person. It completely eliminates any pressure and gives you total flexibility and full control over the way you receive your coaching and support. Sessions are tailored to your level of playing and your repertoire, and you attend them just when you need it.

2.  You choose the priorities

With or without our help, you can define the specific aspects of your piano playing you would like to improve or develop. You determine the pace: demanding and intensive, pushing you to the limits, or leisurely and relaxed, gently directing you and maybe opening entirely new horizons.

Alternatively, you can simply leave it to us to suggest what, in our opinion, would benefit your playing most.

3.  A single session or ongoing support

Some people wish to give it a try and then decide what to do next. Others find that series of planned sessions over a longer period of time help them organise themselves better and provide focus and motivation. You decide what suits you best.

4.  Residential option

It is ideal if you wish to make that special time for yourself, putting everything else aside and enjoying making music on a beautiful instrument, exploring your potential as you perhaps have never done before.

It is also perfect if you are looking for a challenging burst of piano playing, filled with fresh ideas, inspiration and new creative and technical solutions under expert guidance and without the usual everyday distractions.

Terms and conditions apply.


Who would benefit

Our intensive coaching sessions are the perfect solution if you

  • are working towards exams, auditions or performances
  • want to approach your pieces from a new and fresh angle
  • would like to improve your playing further, using the expertise of another tutor
  • are looking for challenges to test your ability – perhaps before making further decisions
  • need that extra push to pull everything together
    in a few intensive sessions
  • do not have, or cannot find, a tutor and need help and advice
  • only play occasionally and need guidance, direction and support


Arrangements and Fees

  • various times are available, including weekends and holidays
  • coaching and arrangements are tailored to your individual musical and personal needs
  • fees depend on the details of your arrangements. Once your needs have been identified, we will design your package and calculate the fees
  • we offer good discounts: the more you book, the better value for money you receive!


There is high demand and limited availability for this type of tuition.

Please contact us for details and book early, especially if you have deadlines!

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