Marika Meshkuna - Piano Tuition - Concert Pianist - Harpsichordist. Specialist muscial and piano tution and assessment in the North East of England, Newcastle, Northumberland, UK.
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We specialise in providing lessons to:

  • young children from the age of four
  • musically gifted children
  • advanced and talented pianists
  • anyone willing to master the art
    of playing the piano

Our aims

  • to help our students understand and love music
  • to teach them to play the piano well
  • to encourage them to enjoy their music
    making and share it with others
  • to make them feel special about their unique
    musical ability, whether it is a modest gift or
    a strong talent

Our piano

Lessons at the studio take place on a six foot grand piano, built in the early 20th century in Leipzig by August Fiedler. The piano is in an immaculate condition, traditionally polished in natural shellac and with ivory keys. In a nerve-wracking removal project, the instrument was brought from the continental Europe and is relatively rare in England.

With its warm and mature tone, sensitivity to touch, well balanced middle and top registers and beautifully ripe base notes, it embodies the unique features of the outstanding school of German piano manufacturers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, considered by many to be the best in the world.

The rich acoustic colours of the piano encourage development of qualities in students’ playing that are often beyond the means of less capable instruments.

Our method

With deep gratitude, we have inherited our teaching
method from our teachers and professors. It is nameless, straightforward and based on simple principles: to understand students as people and musicians; to teach them professionally and competently; never to stop learning.

Tuition at the Piano Kids studio incorporates elements from the findings of the great discoverers in the field of music education, such as Shinichi Suzuki, Carl Orff, Zoltán Kodály, Don Campbell and others, when and where these methods benefit the process of learning how to play the piano well.


Piano Kids' policy covers various logistical and organisational aspects of teaching and learning at the studio with the purpose to minimise disruption and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is based on the guidelines offered by professional bodies such as EPTA (the European Piano Teachers’ Association), and takes into account the terms on which private instrumental tuition is provided in the area.

Free offers

Piano Kids studio offers assessments of children's musical ability with a following consultation for parents, based on the assessment. We are also happy to advise regarding instrumental tuition and related issues, and there is no obligation to take lessons at the studio.


Lessons at the Piano Kids Studio provide exceptional value for money. Though the cost of private specialist tuition can reach £60.00 per hour and more, we are able to offer fees at the average local level.


Our annual concerts and less formal events and smaller gatherings are both fun and also essential for honing the piano playing skills. Our students also participate in local festivals and competitions and take examinations.


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